Indexed optics dilemma

Posted on 2021-01-08 by Oleg Grenrus lens, optics

Indexed optics are occasionally very useful. They generalize mapWithKey-like operations found for various containers.

iover (imapped % _2) :: (i -> b -> c) ->  Map i (a, b) -> Map i (a, c)

Indexed lens are constructed with ilens combinator.

ilens :: (s -> (i, a)) -> (s -> b -> t) -> IxLens i s t a b

It is implicit that the getter and the (indexed) setter part have to satisfy usual lens laws.

However there are problematic combinators, e.g. indices:

indices :: (Is k A_Traversal, is `HasSingleIndex` i)
    => (i -> Bool) -> Optic k is s t a a -> IxTraversal i s t a a

An example usage is

>>> toListOf (itraversed %& indices even) "foobar"

If we combine ilens and indices we get a nasty thing:

\p -> indices p (ilens (\a -> (a,a)) (\_ b ->  b))
    :: (i -> Bool) -> IxTraversal i i i i i

That is (almost) the type of unsafeFiltered, which has a warning sign:

Note: This is not a legal Traversal., unless you are very careful not to invalidate the predicate on the target.

However, neither indices nor ilens have warning attached.

There should be an additional indexed lens law(s).

My proposal is to require that indices and values are independent, which for indexed lens can be checked by following equation:

Whatever you put in, you cannot change the index.

fst (iview l s) ≡ fst (iview l (iover l f s))

where l :: IxLens i s t a b, s :: s, f :: i -> a -> b.

This law is generalisable to other optic kinds. For traversals replace fst and iview with map fst and itoList. For setters it is harder to specify, but the idea is the same.

Similarly we can talk about indexed prisms or even isomorphisms. The independence requirement would mean that that index have to be boring (i.e. isomorphic to ()), thus there isn't any additional power.

However sometimes violating laws might be justified, (e.g. when we quotient types would made program correct, but we don't have them in Haskell).

This new law doesn't prohibit having duplicate indices in a traversal.

This observation also extends in to TraversableWithIndex. As far as I can tell, all instances satisfy the above requirement (of indices being independent of values). Should we make that (IMHO natural) assumption explicit?

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