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Posted on 2020-05-10 by Oleg Grenrus

I’m a weird person. I like writing \text{\LaTeX} . With all of its downsides, it’s quite flexible.

This blog post is written in tex file, not markdown. With the help of latex-svg, the included math and some other environments work. We are still constrained by what pandoc supports, but there is a lot.


Let us write few examples of what we can do.



\sin^2 \theta + \cos^2 \theta = 1


\begin{aligned} \sin&39; &= \cos \\ \cos&39; &= - \sin\end{aligned}

work nicely.


As pandoc can preserve raw latex blocks and latex-svg renders them, you can draw tikzcd diagrams:

\begin{tikzcd} A \arrow[r,"f"] & B \end{tikzcd}


Writing tables in markdown is a pain. It is painful in \text{\LaTeX} also but less.

foo bar quu
foo1 2345678 quu9
foo123 456 quu789

#Code snippets

pandoc recognizes code environment. So we get code highlighting!

fact :: Integer -> Integer
fact n = product [2 .. n]

#Rendering as PDF

The benefit of writing posts in \text{\LaTeX} is that you can convert to PDF. You can also start with markdown, and use pandoc to convert it to tex document, and that is what more reasonable people do.


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