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This is a short gist for Iceland_Jack. Thanks for nerd-snipping me on Twitter

This is literate Haskell file. Note, no extensions, plain (GHC-ish) Haskell2010.

module TypeclassOptics where

import Data.Bifunctor (first)
import Control.Category (Category, (>>>))
import qualified Control.Category as C

For simplicity of presentation I will consider only simple optics, not optic families. Optics form sub-categories (I only started reading a book to understand what kind!?).

#Type classes

We define classes which let's construct various optics. Let's define Iso, Lens, Prism and Affine, they will illustrate enough of hierarchy:

class Category optic => Iso optic where
    iso :: (s -> a) -> (a -> s) -> optic s a

class Iso optic => Lens optic where
    lens :: (s -> a) -> (a -> s -> s) -> optic s a
    lens sa ass = iso (\s -> (sa s, s)) (uncurry ass) >>> _1
    _1 :: optic (a, c) a
    _1 = lens fst $ \a (_, c) -> (a, c)

class Iso optic => Prism optic where
    prism' :: (a -> s) -> (s -> Maybe a) -> optic s a
    prism' as sma = iso (\s -> maybe (Left s) Right (sma s))
                        (either id as)
                >>> _Right

    _Right :: optic (Either b a) a
    _Right = prism' Right (either (const Nothing) Just)

class (Lens optic, Prism optic) => Affine optic


Next we can define basic operations, for example over. We need concrete ASetter for that:

over :: ASetter s a -> (a -> a) -> s -> s
over (ASetter o) = o


newtype ASetter s a = ASetter ((a -> a) -> s -> s)

instance Category ASetter where
    id = ASetter id
    ASetter bc . ASetter ab = ASetter (ab . bc)

instance Iso ASetter where
    iso sa as = ASetter $ \aa -> as . aa . sa

instance Lens ASetter where
    _1 = ASetter $ \aa -> first aa

instance Prism ASetter where
    _Right = ASetter $ \aa -> either Left (Right . aa)

instance Affine ASetter

And we can run few examples:

-- (Right "raboof",42)
ex1 :: (Either Bool String, Int)
ex1 = over (_1 >>> _Right) reverse (Right "foobar", 42)

-- (Left False,1)
ex2 :: (Either Bool String, Int)
ex2 = over (_1 >>> _Right) reverse (Left False, 1)


Another basic operation is view. That's defined only for AGetters:

view :: AGetter s a -> s -> a
view (AGetter o) = o


newtype AGetter s a = AGetter (s -> a)

instance Category AGetter where
    id = AGetter id
    AGetter bc . AGetter ab = AGetter (bc . ab)

instance Iso AGetter where
    iso sa _ = AGetter sa

instance Lens AGetter where
    _1 = AGetter fst

Note that we don't have Prism or Affine instance for Getters (i.e. Iso, Lens, but not Prism!). (We could have different folding view, which would have - that variant is in lens).

And the example:

-- "foobar"
ex3 :: String
ex3 = view _1 ("foobar", True)

#Error messages

We could used (->) directly as AGetter, but it helps with error messages:

view _Right (Left True)
No instance for (Prism AGetter) arising from a use of ‘_Right’

After few steps we have profit!.

I want to conclude with a reference to The evolution of a Haskell Programmer, keep that in mind when you enable {-# LANGUAGE KitchenSink #-} ;)

This work is licensed under a “CC BY SA 4.0” license.

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